Strike Force Heroes 3

Strike Force Heroes 3 Game

is one of the extremely attractive shooting action games with over 20 levels. In the game, you will have to fight against terrorist forces who have bad intentions to protect the scientists' secret research facility.
Your task in the game is to collect intelligence, build your squad to penetrate into the territory of the terrorists. You will be armed with gun and bullets to do the task. In order to avoid being hit by the enemy, the player should use tricks when moving such as running, jumping or shooting to overcome the attacks.
You will get the bonus after completing each level. You can use this bonus to buy the items needed to upgrade to support the next task or to unlock the characters.
How to play Strike Force Heroes 3
Press W, A, S, D keys or arrow keys ← → ↑ ↓ to move
Press W key, up arrow key ↑ or "space" key to jump
Press S key or down arrow key ↓ to bow
Press Q key or "Shift" key to change the weapon
Press E key or "Ctrl" key to activate Killsteak
Press R key or right mouse to reload more bullets
Press left mouse to aim and shoot the rival
Play Strike Force Heroes 3 to explore interesting experiences in the game. Note that this game is very addictive. Wish you have funny gaming.
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